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What's in the logo?

Logos hold a special place for any product. Having a logo isn’t just a task, but an expression of what the product fundamentally is. I wanted to dedicate a whole post on how logo for ...

In design, Jan 19, 2021

Preview Announce!

After thousands of lines of code and hundreds of cups of coffee, we are happy to announce that Announce is ready for Preview!

In launch, Jun 27, 2020

Unlaunching Announce: We will be back!

In our minds, the first version of Announce, or ANC V1 as we call it, was a basic one. We wanted to create something simple, very small (MVP?) for a limited set of users.

In launch, Mar 26, 2020

Announce! — relevant information at the right location, at the right time

Announce, a platform that allows you to create, and view announcements in areas that matter to you.

In launch, Mar 21, 2020