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After thousands of lines of code and hundreds of cups of coffee, we are happy to announce that Announce is ready for Preview!

We are inviting every tech enthusiast to preview Announce, help test, and share feedback before we release Announce to everyone. Sign up to be a Preview user here!

What is Preview?

Product releases have several stages. One of the stages is when a subset of actual users use the product, and give early feedback. In regular cycles, this can be called as Beta release. ‘Preview’, other than having an easier to understand name, is usually more polished than Beta releases.

Why is Preview important?

Well there are many reasons. Announce is a consumer product, made for everyone, but this brings several challenges as “everyone” is a very big category. Preview users testing would help us:

  1. with inputs from actual potential users of Announce. You would see the product from different view point, and your inputs would help us shape the product, and prioritize top features.

  2. discover bugs / issues, that we haven’t discovered yet. This would help us make sure everything works when go to production!

  3. hear ideas, and answer questions that we’ve always wondered about. Announce is a product for you, and we want to hear from you on how we can make it better.

  4. test our server capacity projections, and scalability quotas. Announce is built on the very latest technology scalable to any level. However, until we need that capacity, we have to set limits to reduce costs, and risk of malicious users online. Your testing would help us get better at projecting approximate usage of Announce

Awesome. How can I test?

Please express interest to access Preview with this form.

Once you express interest, we will add you to Preview user group within 24 hours, and send follow email with instructions on how to access Preview. The form is necessary for us to give your email account access to Preview, and make sure you’re aware of all our disclaimers, and confidentiality / non disclosure asks.

What do users get for testing Announce?

Well other than our eternal gratitude and good karma, by testing Announce, you will be part of our journey to make the world more connected, safer and efficient space.

Your product usage will not just help us, but it will help every user that uses Announce after you. You have the power to guide, and radically improve each and every user experience on Announce for good :)

When will Announce be available to everyone?

Our estimates (usually too optimistic) are within 2 weeks of Preview launch. If everything goes fine, we should launch later in July. Edit on July 3rd: __Early August seems like a more reasonable launch date as we did encounter lot of bugs that needed fixing. __

How can users contact Announce team?

Please send an email at:, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! :)

- Team Announce

Written by Sudeep
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