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Living in a particular area or staying in a particular housing complex makes us part of a society. Humans tend to stick together, and that is one of the things that make us a civilisation. When we live in such an establishment, we need to keep track of certain things. When is the local supermarket giving a sale, when is the next town hall meeting, when will be the local blood donation camp and so on. How do we keep track of such things? Well, there are whatsapp groups, but they have a limit of 256 people. Some bodies also use Facebook pages, or Meetup app to communicate such things. Each of these things has some drawback or the other.

On a certain friday evening, the local club might be having a concert, but many of us missed it because nobody messaged us about it or maybe this time, the club didn’t handout flyers like they always do. The local police department is holding a workshop on first-aid, but we again missed it, because when the patrol cars were making the announcement, we were in the shower.

So what might be a solution? Maybe a common channel where announcements and alerts are found based on geographical locations.

With Announce we wish to fill this gap by connecting people within a geographic location. After creating an account, you can choose to “follow” a certain geographic location, like say home, favorite restaurants or office.

Follow location feature in Desktop Mode

After that, everytime you open the application, you will get short snippets of whatever is happening in the area.

Follow location feature as seen in a Mobile Device

Opening these snippets will give you more detailed descriptions of the event, along with information about who posted it, their phone number and website (if any).

Detailed view of the announcements

This makes sure that you have a glance of what is happening in your area and if you are interested in something specific, you can find out more about it.

If you allow the app your current location, (which is quite acceptable as you give your location to Google, Uber, Food Delivery services and more), you shall get automatic notifications based on your location. The application will look through whatever is happening in your proximity and keep you notified about whatever is happening.

The world is becoming more and more connected. With Announce, we want users to achieve that last mile connectivity. People can now connect with their locals without relying on Twitter or IG handles, but locations they truly care about.

Written by Prateek
Marketing @ Milkie Way, Inc.