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We are very excited to be launch ready, and are planning to go live in 7 days from now!

If you’d like to view the early product, please sign up to Preview Announce here!

Our first production launch will have following capabilities:

  • Viewing Announcements in any part of the world
  • Creating Announcements by defining an area, and describing the announcement
  • Following a location to get Email notifications, if any Announcements are made in that location
  • Profile and user settings for editing and deleting Announcements and/or user Account
  • Announce AI integration for events in different parts of US
  • Complete data security and privacy for our user data from day 1
  • Capabilities for Government organizations to make large scale announcements

Announce AI will keep getting more powerful with time, but it is our hope that it is individual Announcements that comprise majority of relevant content on Announce.

See you soon.

- Team Announce

Team Announce
Written by Team Announce
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